Bohol and Panglao Attractions

Bohol and Panglao – what to see?

When it comes to scenic beauty Bohol is one of the most fascinating destinations in South East Asia with its closeness to nature being its prime charm. Check out the following attractions that will blow your mind while you tour the area.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills - all tourist coming here to solve the puzzle

Being viewed from the main deck in Carmen town the surreal appearance of the chocolate Hills is absolutely breath-taking. A series of gigantic dome-shaped mounds covered with green grass and stretching as far as your eyes can see is a sight to behold.
During summer the grass withers and turns to brown- hence the name Chocolate Hills.
The main tourist complex which gives the best views of the hills is in Carmen Town where a resort, restaurant, and deck are built atop the highest hill on the region. You need to climb about 124 steps to reach the observation deck but trust me the astounding view is worth the hard slog.

Candijay waterfall

Candijay falls - the best waterfalls in Bohol
Best fall

Can-unmantad falls is the nature’s finest attraction in Candijay. Just 30 minutes’ drive from the Poblacion of Cndijay stands this amazing waterfall. The experience of visiting and swimming in here is simply the best and you’ll definitely be in awe of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Mag-aso waterfall

Mag-aso falls - the best lake to swim
Waterfall with the best lake to swim

Mag-aso falls is just one of more than about 20 waterfalls dotting across this amazing island province Bohol. With a height of about 25 feet, This twin falls overflows with the beauty of nature being surrounded by a foliage forest home to a diverse variety of plants and a natural pool carved by the cascading waters.
Swimming in the pool surrounded by jungle-like environment is a feeling comparable to none. The name is derived from a local dialect ‘aso’ which means smoke.

Bohol Tarsiers

Tarsiers - the funniest creatures
Funniest creature

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast then this is a ‘must see’. Tarsiers are the world’s smallest primate almost as small as a kid’s fist. The sanctuary is your best spot to come up-close with this tinny but intriguing animal placed in their ‘close to’ natural habitat. Note that the tarsiers are very fragile animals and you need to keep calm and quiet as you draw close to them.

Bohol zip line

Zipline - the best Adrenalin booster
Adrenalin booster

If you are a daredevil, a zip line activity will rush your adrenaline to leave you with the most memorable outdoor adventure in Bohol. Sui Slide is one of the many great zip lines you can get in the country offering quite a number of activities. The canyon swing gives some of the most fantastic views. Though the climb is quite steep, the experience is rewarding.

Floating restaurant on Loboc River

Loboc river cruise
Lunch on a river

How about grabbing a buffet lunch, being serenaded with soothing traditional songs as you float down a beautiful river on a boat? Loboc River watch Floating Resto is usually part of the Bohol countryside tour. The whole cruising experience is great but watching the local men and women dancing to native songs makes you appreciate the rich Philippines culture.

Dumaluan beach

Dumaluan beach

Dumaluan beach undeniable beauty with white sand and turquoise water combines with a laid back lifestyle to guarantee any visitor a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. With the beach stretching as far as your eyes can reach you can walk far and wide to get that perfect chilling spot.

Alona beach

Alona beach

Alona beach is a famed tourist destination with some of the most fascinating rocky cliffs and coral reefs the Philippines have to offer. This small stretch of tropical paradise boasts some awe-inspiring spots where you can trace colorful fishes and corals even without the diving equipment. The environment here is more party like and crowded though unlike in Dumaluan beach.

Hinagdanan cave

Hinagdanan cave

Once you’re done with the beach life you can hire a scooter and head to this remarkable and cozy cave with an under lake swimming spots worth exploring. It’s small cozy and safe to move around and marvel at.
With all these attractions being easily accessible you can travel in Bohol with scooter and a car no matter where you’re headed.

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