Bohol Tour

Bohol is a great tourist destination and probably the country’s most visited city and there is definitely a no better way to experience the natural and captivating beauty of Bohol but through an amazing car tour with a driver which offers a pocket-friendly countryside tour. Explore the following historic, the natural and the cultural marvels of this island.


Blood compact shrine

The blood compact commemorates the very first treaty of friendship from white and brown races between Rajah Sikatuna and Lopez de Legaspi. The sealing of this treaty was done by drinking wine which was mixed with blood hence the name ‘blood compact’. It’s located in Barangay Bool, Tagbilaran city and better experienced by a car tour.

Baclayon Church and museum

This amazing architect happens to be one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines dating back from the 16th century, shortly after the Spaniard’s arrived on the island. You can get a glimpse of this country’s Spanish and colonial history from this fascinating historical landmark through its various cultural artefacts and religious relics.
The construction started in 1717 with about 200 natives forced labourers cutting and dragging coral from the sea by the use of Bamboos in moving and lifting of the heavy stones in place. What’s even more interesting is, millions of eggs are believed to have been used in cementing the church.


Believed to be one of the oldest mammals to walk on the planet’s soil, the Tarsiers are nicknamed ‘a midget monkey of Philippines’. This smallest primate can only be found in the Visayas region in Bohol province. The endangered species with large and round eyes is an insect-eating and a tree-climbing primate which measures about 4-5inches with a longer tail than its whole body!

Loboc River cruising

Treat yourself with a car tour to access an idyllic cruise aboard an amazing floating restaurant along the Loboc River. Get enthralled by the charming view of tropical palm trees while you’re treated to a sumptuous lunch paired with heart-warming traditional music for entertainment.
The cruise takes the visitors to a one-hour long buffet lunch or dinner with a great ambience of a calm river and awe-inspiring scenery.

Hanging bridge

If you’re a daredevil have a great adrenaline rush kind of adventure by crossing the Loboc Hanging Bridge. The bridge is suspended over a small river and is made up of bamboo.

Man-made Forest

The forest is made up of thousands of mahogany trees which were planted by the locals. Bihar’s man-made forest is a picturesque place where you can relax as you adore the towering trees.

Butterfly Garden in Biral Bohol

The Butterfly Garden or the Bohol Butterfly conservation center is home to hundreds of different butterfly species where you can see the life cycle and butterfly’s different development stages.

Chocolate Hills

The gem of Bohol’s tourism and a province’s signature attraction, the cone-shaped Chocolate Hills are renowned as one of the world’s famous natural wonder. Take a car tour and head out to see hundreds of green and brown hills formed thousands of years ago from tidal movements which are spread over land and stretching wide as far as your eyes can see. It consists of about 1268 haycock hills and their height range from 40-120 meters high.

Cabagnow cave pool in Anda Bohol

The cabagnow cave is locally known as kabagno and is just one of many stunning caves scattered around Bohol but its beauty is incomparable. It’s located in Barangay Bacong, only a short walk from Quinale beach and the town plaza.

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