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While many travelers opt for public transport and scooters to get around, renting a car offers a dozen benefits that are simply not available with the other modes of transport.

Deciding to rent a car to sightsee Bohol can be one of the biggest favors you will do to yourself because it’ll make your experience unforgettable hassle-free and give you more time to explore the astounding scenery and landscapes that this city has to offer.

Not only will you feel comfortable but also you’ll dodge the scorching heat of the day and travel in an air-conditioned environment, save time as you’ll be able to travel faster at your own pace.

With limited time and near-limitless number of sights and activities lined-up in your itinerary a rented car can be your savior.

You’ll enjoy the convenience and get enough out of your adventures like being able to see chocolate hills, Loboc River and zip-line all in one day. You’ll also have more fun compared to scooter riding plus travel and converse with friends while driving. In short, a car rental will give you plenty of freedom and flexibility- sightsee in a leisurely pace without worry or take a shorter time in one attraction so you can spare a minute for another attraction.

In addition, with a rented car, you can opt to stay at the outskirts of Bohol city center where you can get charming hotels which would be much of a deal compared to hiring a scooter or a local every time you need to visit attractions (which might not be available at the exact time you need to leave the hotel room).
Bohol is an amazing destination and it can be pretty fun to explore outside of the most common tourist-trap site or areas without having to rely on local taxi services or hotel transportation.

Once again, you get to set your pace and take in most if not all the sights and sounds of your surroundings. If you are worried about getting lost in unfamiliar territory, that shouldn’t be an issue at all with today’s fascinating technology. Car rentals mostly have a GPS system which presents you with a great opportunity to go off the beaten track without getting lost.

But the best part is experiencing the town like a local! Solo travelers have less financial apprehension while using public transportation on their vacation.

Groups of friends or family, on the other hand, can easily and quickly rack up a hefty transport bill while using buses or taxis. In this case, renting a car is a usually unbeatable economic option.

Moreover, if you have small kids, traveling with them on public transit or scooters can be a headache that will only make your trip stressful.

Lastly yet importantly, hiring a car gives you a certain level of comfort. Not only do you enjoy being where you want when you want but also you got the trunk and you’ll save cloakroom expenses.

If you promised your friends to bring them a little heaven of Bohol, you won’t feel the pressure of carrying the souvenirs back to your hotel room.

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